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Type 1 EV Charger

IGOYE is one of the top world EV brands with an emphasis on quality that creates EV charging stations of the highest caliber and sustainability. We provide a wide range EV charging connector types, including private, public, and commercial chargers that are appropriate for different uses. 

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Manufacturer of the Best EV Charger

Our product line has expanded quickly over the past fifteen years to include EV charging stations, EV on-board chargers, modular switch mode rectifiers, and DC power supply systems.

Why Choose IGOYE Type 1 EV Charger Supplier

We are dedicated to providing the best electric vehicle charging stations in the industry as one of the largest suppliers of EV charging stations. We use the most modern, most advanced electrical and solar advancements in our goods. We provide a wide range of solar and electrical equipment, including storage batteries, inverters, EV chargers, and panels.

ev charger NEW

Uperb Design

The IGOYE type 1 EV home charger is a high-performance charger with superb design. The cables are thin and light, and a 5-year warranty backs their durability.

Security Lock

A latch is another feature of type 1 charging cables that keeps the plug firmly in place when charging. Although the clasp prevents the cable from accidentally falling out, anyone can still remove the charging cable from the car.

Impact Resistant

Our type 1 EV charger is compatible with all 16A and 32A public and residential charge points and is dustproof, waterproof, and impact resistant to a 1-meter drop onto concrete (when mated).


Your Type 1 EV Charger Expert

By realizing high efficiency, high reliability, and low lost cost, IGOYE’s core technology enables us to provide our customers with affordable goods.  We offer premium goods, first-rate customer support, and affordable prices.


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