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Type 2 EV Charger

IGOYE is a manufacturer of type 2 EV chargers, electric vehicle charging stations, and stainless steel pedestals. Appropriate for use in hotels, businesses, retail establishments, residential buildings, parking lots, critical traffic flow sites, and logistics. Available with flexible charging cables, extremely high current power cabinets, and a variety of voltage ranges.

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Best Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturer

Strong skills in both research and development exist at IGOYE. We offer a comprehensive solution for charging electric vehicles, including small, high-quality AC wall cabinets, EV charging connector types with dependable DC rapid charging stations, and cutting-edge on-demand electric – vehicle charging systems. 

Why Choose IGOYE EV Charger Supplier

Premium materials are used in the production of type 2 chargers to assure quality and safe processing methods before releasing them into the market. To manage and regulate the production process and guarantee that the product qualification rate satisfies the standard, it rigorously adhered to the ISO9001 international quality certification system.

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LCD Panel

The IGOYE Level 2 EV Charger has an LCD panel where you can view the charging information in real-time. This type connector is made to charge all Type 2 vehicles.

Impact Resistance

Our type 2 charger cable has a high-quality cable thin, light, and durable, with impact resistance up to a 1 m drop onto concrete.

IP54 Grade

Type 2 EV home charger also has a one year warranty and is dust- and waterproof to an IP54 grade (when connected)


Your Type 2 EV Charger Expert

As an EV charger manufacturer, we promote environmental responsibility. We are capable of starting the production process again. It may be used indefinitely and still retain its excellent quality and secure functionality.


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