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Type A MCB

IGOYE is a professional miniature circuit breaker manufacturer committed to producing quality miniature circuit breakers in all types necessary for different electrical applications. 

Best Type A Miniature Circuit Breaker Provider

IGOYE produces all miniature circuit breaker types, we have all types of MCB A, B, C, and D. Our type A MCB is used by over a million solar power systems around the globe. IGOYE ensures that all the MCBs we produce especially the type A will undergo a series of quality assurance tests inlined with international and industry standards.

Our IGOYE Miniature Circuit Breaker

IGOYE produces top-quality Miniature Circuit breaker A-Type. This type of MCB is the most sensitive and is rarely used MCB because it is designed to trip instantaneously above 2-3 times rated current. So IGOYE designed our A Type MCB trip in the most functional way that our customer-client will not regret using it.

Durability and Reliability

Our Type A MCB can fit 35mm DIN rail and can be used in 40A rated current and 400V rated voltage. It can protect a low-voltage electrical system from damage caused by excess current resulting from overload or short circuits.

High Quality Functions

IGOYE Type A MCB has a fast trip function that ensures reliable operation of load and prolongs the life of your circuit breaker.

Easy To Install

Our IGOYE Type A MCB is easy to install because of its modular structure, it can easily be installed on DIN standard guide rails.

Your Type-A Miniature Circuit Breaker Expert

IGOYE has been providing quality Type A MCB in the electric equipment industry for over 15 years. With our experience and expertise, we ensure that these MCBs will gradually confine electrical discharge and serves its function to its fullest.

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