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The nation’s leading producer of high and low-voltage RCCB circuit breakers has been identified as IGOYE. RCCBs are a crucial part of any system that protects electrical circuits. Electrical RCCB devices are thus used to keep an eye on current leaks. Type A RCCB is one of the best types of RCCB manufactured by IGOYE.

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Best Type A RCCB Manufacturer

In terms of electricity distribution and transmission, IGOYE has a lot of experience. It has devoted many hours to obtaining intelligently updated circuit breaker parts, such as the RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) and complete switchgear sets.

Why Choose Type A RCCB Supplier

IGOYE Type A RCCBs combine current detection and overcurrent protection to guarantee that your electrical installation is secure in the event of a malfunction. Our circuit breakers provide a number of benefits over competing products on the market because they have been completely tested for quality and performance.

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Defense Against

IGOYE’s Type A RCCB has an additional defense against the direct current. It has connectors from the top and bottom and a fault current indication. Reliable insulating protection is provided by Type A RCCBs to safeguard the safety of operators.

No Melting Point

IGOYE’s Type A RCCB has a connection capacity of 25mm2 - Rigid (50mm2 for 80A,100A) and 16mm2 - Flexible (35mm2 for 80A, 100A). Type A RCCB use thermosetting materials that have no melting point and will only gradually carbonize even in the presence of an open flame.

Pollution Resistance

Our Type A RCCB has protection from the fire risk that improper insulation poses and from the impacts of alternating sinusoidal earth fault currents. Our type A RCCB has a pollution resistance grade that even in an environment of dust and conductive pollution, the safety of users and equipment can still be guaranteed.


Your Reliable Type A RCCB Expert

IGOYE has a solid reputation in China as one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of RCCBs. Get a quote from our manufacturer if you plan to purchase CE-approved RCCB at an affordable price. 


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