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Type B MCB

IGOYE Type B Miniature Circuit Breaker was one of the leading MCB in the market. Its special features and functions make IGOYE MCB a top-notch circuit breaker that is trusted and loved by our million customer clients all over the world.

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Best Type B MCB Provider

IGOYE is one of the best Type B MCB Providers in the electrical sector. We maintain its title by complying with our strict product processing and quality assurance inlined with international standards.


IGOYE type B MCB has a breaking capacity of 10kA wherein it can break high short circuit faults even under the conditions of 3 phase fault. This feature makes this mcb class b trip a perfect fit for your home appliances. Our type B MCB tripping curve is when the current is 3 to 5 times the rated current with an operating time of 0.04 to 13 seconds. IGOYE Type MCB application is used for purely resistive loads that are non-inductive loads.

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Safety Purposes

IGOYE Type B MCB has padlocking feature, a dolly padlock that gives pure safety purpose during maintenance. Placing OFF position for personal safety during maintenance and ON post for extremely critical loads.

High-Quality Profile

Our IGOYE type B MCB has great air circulation inside, when two or more poles are placed adjacent to each other. The breathing channels are so profiled that the air circulates around the individual pole resulting in cooler operation.

Good Maintenance Indicator

Our IGOYE type B MCB has a positive and good-rating contact indication wherein you can clearly see the contact position indicator and identify positions of contacts even inside the MCB units.


Your Type B MCB Expert

IGOYE has been in the industry for over 15 years. We provide only quality type B MCB to the market. IGOYE ensures that every 32a  MCB uses we provide will 100% serve its primary functions. Here in IGOYE, we commit to giving our valued customer-clients the service and product they deserve.


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