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IGOYE offers Type B MCCB in which when the current rate is three to five times higher than the present rating, its breaker trips. This type of MCCB is utilized in residential appliances and low surge current light commercial applications.

Best Type B MCCB Manufacturer

IGOYE focuses on fabricating high-quality electrical and solar products for different applications. Our products are successful in both domestic and international markets because we provide reliable, timely supply, trustworthy quality, and sincere service.

Why Choose IGOYE MCCB Supplier

IGOYE focuses on product quality assurance and the manufacturing process. With years of expertise in production and manufacture, we rely on newly introduced production and testing equipment with cutting-edge technology and rigorously adhere to the GB/T19001 quality management system for an operation to guarantee the high caliber and consistency of our products.

Movable Tripping Circuit

IGOYE Type B MCCB is a molded case circuit breaker that has a movable tripping circuit that offers variations with one, two, three, or four poles.ac

200 Amps

Our type B MCCB's rating current ranges from 10 to 200 amps (the rating current is the maximum current that the circuit should draw)

High Performance

Type B MCCBs are primarily utilized in circuits with high currents and are frequently applied in demanding industrial settings.

Your Reliable DC MCCB Expert

IGOYE primarily sells its range of goods on the worldwide market. The GB standards of China and the international IEC/EN standards are rigorously followed in the production of every product. Majority of these products have attained international certification, including TUV, Intertek, BV, SEMKO, INMETRO, EAC, SAA, ISO9001, and other certification certificates The vast majority of users have highly commended the products’ quality.


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