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IGOYE specializes in the production of modular electric terminal devices for residential and similar applications. Our product line comprises Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB), Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO), and among others things.

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Best Type B RCCB Manufacturer

IGOYE is fully equipped with testing instruments to assure effective and appropriate quality control. We undertake the unrelenting effort, design and develop ourselves, create and produce the series of MCB, RCCB filled local blanks, achieve an international advanced level, and get more national patents.

Why Choose Type B RCCB Supplier

IGOYE is the brand of choice for many electricians and contractors throughout the electric sector because it offers a large selection of RCCBs. We provide quality and cost-effective Type B RCCBs with features including circuit breakers with double and four pole options, smooth test buttons for routine inspection, IP 20 protected terminals, and various rated current, sensitivity, and voltage.

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Unique Design

IGOYE Type B RCCB series offers a unique design, small construction, strong dependability, and a high level of safety. The items are fully certified and conform with IEC61008-1, IEC62423, and other standards.

Protective Device

Our type B RCCB is termed universal devices since they protect against all of the tripping waveforms described in EN 62423. Our type B RCCBs can lower the chance of fire and/or electrocution through automatic electrical supply disconnecting.

High Direct Current

IGOYE Type B RCCB is appropriate for non-linear circuits with high direct current (> 6 mA) and/or high-frequency components that might cause leakages that can ensure maximum safety in many applications. Our type B RCCB comes into 2P pole and 4P pole with distinctive functions.


Your Reliable Type B RCCB Expert

IGOYE always endeavors to adhere to our corporate concept of “ensuring excellent product quality, giving a competitive pricing and enhancing good after-sales service”. We wish to develop a long-term relationship with all of our customers and hope we can increase our competitiveness and produce a win-win scenario for us as well as our clients. We welcome communication from clients all around the world for anything you may require.


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