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IGOYE follows a stringent quality electrical procedure as a leading Type C Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) manufacturer. In line with this, we are regarded as one of China’s most reputable national producers and exporters of low voltage circuit breakers.

Best DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

IGOYE offers Type C MCCB which trips between 5 and 10 times the rated current input with reaction times ranging from 0.04 seconds to 5 seconds, making it appropriate for commercial or industrial applications with inductive load applications for moderate surge current.

Why Choose IGOYE DC MCCB Supplier

Low voltage DC circuit breaker products made by IGOYE satisfy all requirements and uses found in industrial settings all over the world. DC MCCB switch disconnectors are just a few of the 2000+ electrical products we provide, along with a variety of other accessories and parts.

Operates Fast

IGOYE Type C MCCB contains a thermal element for overcurrent and a magnetic element for short circuit release which operates faster.

High-quality Materials

Our Type C MCCB is made up of two pieces of heavy-duty electrically insulated plastic in which several heat components and a spring-loaded trigger are housed within the plastic casing.

Wide of Application

Type C MCCB are used in commercial or industrial applications with moderate surge currents examples include transformers, printers, fluorescent servers, and pcs.

Your Reliable DC MCCB Expert

IGOYE has been devotedly servicing its consumers by offering them high-quality goods at reasonable costs. By offering services and goods that are supported by best practices, innovation, and technical breakthroughs, we want to promote the growth of the electric industry.


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