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Type D MCB

IGOYE Type D Miniature Circuit Breaker is one of the best MCBs in the market. With its functionality and special features, it is loved and trusted by our customer-clients worldwide.

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Best Type D MCB Provider

IGOYE is one of the leading Type D MCB providers in the electrical equipment industry. To ensure the quality of every type D MCB unit we provide, IGOYE complies with our strict production process inlined with international and industry standards.


IGOYE Type D MCB is engineered to deliver optimum security to the electrical appliances of your home and office. Because with our Type D MCB, you will all be secure from electrical fire caused due to short circuits. It is also equipped with a mid-trip function that makes it easy to identify circuit faults.

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Lower Usage For Energy

IGOYE Type D Miniature Circuit Breaker has lower wattage loss values as compared to the specification of IS standards and due to its lower wattage loss, it can be termed as energy efficient.

High Terminal Capacity

Our IGOYE TYPE D MCB has a large termination size and dual termination. It has a high terminal capacity of 35sq.mm that allows using aluminum conductors or bus bars for connection and with Bi-connect termination, it allows connection of either cable or bus bar for better flexibility.

Cover Set For Protection

IGOYE Type D MCB has finger-proof terminals that eliminate chances of accidental contact with live parts. All live parts are inaccessible to ensure the safety of installers.


Your Type D MCB Expert

IGOYE has been in the Type D MCB manufacturing industry for over 15 years. With our experience and expertise in this field of work, we ensure to deliver only quality products and services. For it is what our customer-clients deserved.

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